Simulated Doctor Patient Conversations
Project Details
  • Simulated Doctor-Patient Conversations: Through our mobile app, you will be given a scenario outline to follow. If you or your partner have medical experience you should be able to improvise the scenario. If not, you can generate a script using ChatGPT by identifying the main symptom or chief complaint and we can show you how to do this. It’s important you don’t just read the script though as it needs to sound natural (no monotone reading).
  • Recording Requirements: up to 3 hours of total speech per pair (2:1 doctor-to-patient ratio).
  • Participation Options
    • Ideal: If you have medical experience or know someone who does, it would be a much easier process as there is no need to “act”!
    • Open to All: Even if you don’t have medical experience yourself, we’d still love for you to participate as the doctor! We encourage you to find a partner with medical expertise if possible, but it’s not strictly required.
Payment Details
  • Total fee: $120 for both the doctor and patient roles, distributed among participants as desired.
*(if you have a medical doctor degree please send your MEN and photo ID as we have premium projects for physicians)
  • These are the available payment options:
    • Bank Transfer (in USD/GBP/EUR)
    • Wise transfer
    • PayPal Payment (min of 5% payment fee applies)
Next Steps
  • Please fill out the form below providing the following information
    1. let us know if you have someone to partner with for the task 
    2. provide a brief voice sample of you reading the text below. This will help us confirm your eligibility for the project.
“In a routine check-up, a patient presents symptoms of fatigue, frequent urination, and unexplained weight loss, indicating a potential case of diabetes. Following standard protocol, the general practitioner conducts a comprehensive examination, including blood tests and a review of medical history, to confirm the diagnosis. With prompt intervention and ongoing management, the patient’s condition is effectively controlled, ensuring optimal health outcomes.”
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