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For more than 10 years, the award winning translation agency, Stealth Translations Ltd have been providing high quality, technical translation services to and from any language using any electronic format. Certified with quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 17100, we follow stringent quality protocols to ensure the processes we follow are consistent and efficient as well as ensuring an environment of continuous improvement is nurtured to provide a highly qualitative approach to linguistic services.

Based in Larne near Belfast, Northern Ireland, with sales offices in Italy, Germany and the USA, our translation offices are strategically positioned to serve the global market with linguistic services.

Recognised Quality Standards

ISO 9001 ISO 17100

Our Services

Browse our range of linguistic services which we have fine tuned over more than 10 years


Our personable and enthusiastic interpreters are ready to assist bridge the language barrier on your behalf.


Quality technical translations in any electronic format, certified to ISO 17100 standards.


Following a legal process to allow proper legal use of documents in other domeciles


Excellence in cultural and regional linguistic fine-tuning to ensure the effectiveness of your translation project.

Voice Over

Compel your target audience effectively after selecting from our diverse team, the perfect voice over artist.


Accurately convert media or scanned documents of your project into its electronic text format.

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