How am I going to get paid?

Regarding Payment, these are the available payment options:

  • Bank Transfer (in USD/GBP/EUR)
  • Wise transfer
  • PayPal Payment (min of 5% payment fee applies)

What are these recordings used for?

This opportunity is to help build a voice recognition software system to provide vital access to various applications such as accessibility platforms for people with disabilities. The voice samples are merged together to form a single digital map with the aim of making access to various systems such as ATMs much more comfortable for people with disabilities.

Do I have to speak the agent's part as well?

No, just leave a 2-second gap to replace where the agent would speak. The purpose is to make the monologue flow smoothly and provide you with enough time to contribute to the ‘conversation’.

Why is my call not connecting?

If you are in the UK, please try to dial with a ‘0’ prefix instead of the country code ‘+44’.