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McElhinney and McDaid Solicitors

McElhinney and McDaid Solicitors
McElhinney and McDaid Solicitors handle a wide range of legal matters. One particular case was dealing with property management where the client had inherited a property in Turkey which they wished to sell.

The processes for this type of transaction can vary depending on the jurisdiction, even within the EU. To ensure the process was carried out smoothly, Stealth Translations were requested to handle the documentation process to ensure the sale could proceed.

The death certificate in English was subsequently Apostilled in the UK, translated into Turkish and notarised by a notary public in Turkey. These documents were then sent back via post and were then able to be used along with the property deed and will to transfer ownership to the benefactors.

The process can vary in time depending on the backlog of requests for Apostilles/notaries but, utilising the services of Stealth Translations, the lead time was significantly improved due to our expertise in handling this type of request.