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Stephen Weir

Managing Director

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Director of Sales and Marketing

Jenna Flynn

Accounts Administrator

Mari Carmen Rodriguez

Production Manager

Dylan Todd

Production Assistant

Mark McKinty

Project Manager

Catherine Coffey

Project Manager

Robert Elliott

Business Development Executive

Rebecca McDonald

Project Manager

Seán Antón Ó Conalláin

Project Manager

Stealth Translations is a global translation agency with clients in countries in every corner of the world. The vast array of services offered in a multitude of languages allow us to give our customers a versatile business experience. 


One of the key issues when procuring services from a supplier outside the countries jurisdiction of the company is the credibility of the suppliers ability to complete its contractual obligation to an acceptable standard. Stealth Translations are proactive in innovatively advancing their internal system processes, particularly in quality assurance, to ensure the customer receives the highest possible quality of service. One way in which we have endeavoured to develop our credibility image is by following the international standards for linguistic services and as such we are members of the following bodies;


Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools allow us to significantly save you time and money as when a translator uses a program such as TRADOS, they can save what they have already translated into a file called a translation memory. This is extremely useful for projects such as operation manuals, medical examinations and driving licenses/passports as large portions of repeat orders can be edited very quickly using the translation memory. We do not keep this saving to ourselves, but pass this on to you – the customer.

Quality Process

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