Stealth Translations Ltd Quality Policy

This public policy relates to the activities of Stealth Translations Ltd. The company provides extensive services to the public, commercial and private customers in:

Translation services,

Stealth Translations Ltd is committed to:

Tailoring its activities to consistently meet customer requirements.
Managing its activities efficiently so that customers can rely on it.
Driving continuous improvement in its performance as required by the international ISO 9001 standard on quality management systems. This is achieved by several mechanisms including analysis of customer needs, progressing suitable objectives, improving the management system and regular audits and reviews.
Complying with all applicable regulations, standards and codes of practice.
Ensuring that every employee is aware of and upholds this policy.

In its dealings with its customers, its suppliers and the public it aims to be:

Dependable and diligent,
Trustworthy and professional,
Approachable and friendly,
Resourceful and careful, particularly with regards to privacy.