Commitment to the environment

Stealth Translations Limited (the Company) is fully committed (when and where practical) in assuring best environmental practice as we pursue our daily business activities. We believe that a healthy environment and economic growth ought to be closely linked and that sustainable development and environmental protection are not only the responsibility of governments and other “green organisations” but that businesses also have responsibility and a role to play.

To this end, the Company pledges the following in its pursuit of conducting business whilst showing concern and responsibility for the environment.


Environmental management continues to be a corporate priority, which we fully integrate into our business affairs. We believe that good environmental performance is a key indicator in demonstrating effective corporate management.

Legal Obligations

Stealth Translations gives its utmost, as a company, to meet and its legal obligations to the environment.  In addition, the Company is constantly assessing how best our policy may be refined or improved in order to exceed the legal requirements. We will also inform our suppliers and contractors about our environmental policy and waste disposal practices and cite their responsibilities.


We have a corporate and individual responsibility to ensure that we adhere to the principles laid out in this policy.  Furthermore, all employees of the Company have a duty to actively participate in improving the company’s environmental policy.  To achieve this we welcome and encourage suggestions and comments from all co-workers on how we can be “greener” in our daily business activities.

Electricity consumption

We strive to reduce our consumption of electricity.  This means that all lights are switched off when rooms are not in use; all electrical appliances (where feasible) such as printers, computer monitors etc. are all switched off when not in use and that no other unnecessary appliances are left on overnight or at weekends. 

Heating Gas Consumption

We strive to reduce our consumption of natural gas for heating.  To facilitate this, all co-workers are encouraged to wear extra layers of clothing to warm up rather than automatically switching on or turning up the heating at our business premises. This is an example where good environmental practice can benefit the company economically.

Water consumption

We strive towards responsible and economical consumption of water in all our activities.  To adhere to this principle all co-workers are encouraged to only use an amount of water which is needed for a particular task.  Co-workers are strongly encouraged never to allow a tap to run freely and to ensure that all water usage is monitored.  In addition, the careful use of water will deliver economic benefits to the company in that wastage will be curbed.

Recycling and E-Waste Management Strategy

As a company we deem recycling to be of utmost importance.  As consumers we do our best to adequately ensure that that any waste material which is able to be recycled such as paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, bags and packaging, glass, metal, e-waste and any other such material are either recycled or disposed of in an environmentally appropriate way and do not cause any adverse effect on the environment, local wildlife and also human health.

We believe that, where possible, co-workers, clients and suppliers should re-use or recycle, thus helping to conserve natural resources and reduce the environmental risk and cost associated with landfill waste sites. We are fully supportive of all recycling measures promoted by Larne Borough Council.

Non-recyclable Waste

Where waste is unable to be effectively recycled it is our policy for such waste to be brought to the local recycling centre where Larne Borough Council will dispose of this according to their normal means.

Fair Trade

In the interests of fairness to developing nations, we strive to promote “fair trade” by offering fair prices for services rendered by suppliers from such areas of the world.  Furthermore, with this ethos in mind, we endeavor to buy products (where practical) which are branded with the “Fair Trade” logo when making purchases for the office.


We endeavour to promote responsible use of cars for business purposes.  We actively promote (where possible and practical) alternative transport means to and from our business premises.  Furthermore, where external business meetings are concerned, we encourage co-workers to use public transport to attend such meetings.  Furthermore, where possible, our in-house staff will be located in close proximity to our offices to reduce our carbon footprint with regards to transport and fuel.  We deem it both economically and environmentally advantageous to reduce our use of carbon-based fuels and use alternative means of transport which reduces our carbon footprint.